Pittsburgh Regional

It's that time again!! 21 of our students are heading to Pittsburgh March 14, 15 and 16th for compitition. We will be leaving Fitch Thursday and Friday at 5:30am to deal with the traffic. Saturday we will be leaving at 6:30am. Each night we should be home around 10pm. The Bosters are suppling lunch for the Team on Saturday.

Daily break down is:

Thursday - Doors open at 8am - assemble pits, retro fit the robot - cut down the masts, wiring, plumbing, assemble the shooter.

Friday - Doors open at 8am. Opening cerimonies start at 8:30am Qualifing rounds start at 9:30am. Lunch is 12 to 1. Qualifing rounds start up again at 1 and go to 5pm. Pits close at 8pm

Saturday - Doors open at 8am. Opening cerimonies at 8:30 Qualifing rounds start at 9am and go to noon. Alliance picks start at 1pm Championship rounds follow. Event over by 6pm.